Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome to Chicagoland!

Brilliance from Idea Salesman
Renee decided she wants to get back into her writing career again, and we're all on board with that. The Muse, the Hot Librarian Chick (Man, the Inner Editor hates it when I call her that! Naturally, I have to call her that all the time now.), and I had a little pow wow and I think we came up with a nice, gradual transition plan. We created this blog, started up a Twitter feed, got going with the nagging about getting out of bed earlier in the morning, all that jazz.

And then the woman just up and moves house in the middle of the whole process. Moves halfway across the country and expects we'll just keep going on as we've been going with no interruption. She didn't even consult us before making this momentous decision. Seriously, who does that?

You don't just up and move a team at the very start of the season. Hell, we're practically still in pre-season play and now all of the sudden we're plowing snow off the field instead of worrying about passing out during practice from the heat. You can't just expect a guy to take that in stride.

We're in a completely different time zone, for Pete's sake. Does it even occur to her that football is going to be on at the complete wrong times now? 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock, people. That's just the natural order of things. This noon and 3 idea is just wrong.

Granted, she did choose to move at the end of the season, so I have several months to get used to that idea, but it's the principle of the thing. I rely very heavily on football for my pep talks and motivational analogies. This kind of thing just can't be ignored. We abstract concepts of the mind have rights, you know. We put ourselves on the line every day for the sake of your entertainment. Blood, sweat, and tears, folks. Blood, sweat, and tears.

Naturally, we decided to strike in retaliation.

No writing, no tweeting, and, perhaps most importantly, no blogging.

The Muse and the Hot Librarian are glaring at me now. Apparently they don't consider the blog to be the most important aspect of what we do here. Whatever. My blog post, my priorities, ladies.

Oh, and Hot Librarian is pretty cute when she glares, by the way.

We didn't lock Renee out forever. Just for a couple of weeks while the place was filled up with boxes and we were getting used to all the snow. And don't look at me like that. It's not like she was going to get up early to write after staying up late packing and unpacking anyway.

I'm not going to lie; there are some perks to this place. We have a real computer now and a desk instead of a netbook and a little corner of the living room. We've even got our own window. It's kind of nice. And I do enjoy having a local football team to follow, which we didn't have down south, even if all the games will be at the wrong times, so you could say Renee made this move for me.

And the Muse thinks the icicles are pretty, so that's something to work with.

Anyway, things are settling down so the strike is over and we're back to work this week. You can't really leave a blog languishing forever and expect your hordes of adoring fans to wait for you. (What? You think we don't have hordes of adoring fans? Well we... don't. But we will. We'll have hordes eventually. Just you wait.) The Muse missed playing with the kitties anyway.

I'm the Idea Salesman, by the way. Thanks for stopping by.

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