Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flash Fiction: 200 Words at a Time, Part One

PROMPT/CHALLENGE SUMMARY: Write the first 200 words of a 1000-word story. This challenge will continue for five weeks. Next week, I'll take someone else's 200 words and continue that story for 200 more (for a total of 400 words). Then I'll add 200 more words to someone's 400 word story the following week, and so on, with the goal being to end up with a 1000-word story after five total challenges.
(Source: Chuck Wendig's blog)

"I think I'll stab him." Miranda eyed the two fingers tapping the steering wheel and forced them still, not wanting to think about how she needed a cigarette. She had to focus. She had a murder to plan. "Can't use a big kitchen knife. That's so... cliché. Glass from a broken mirror could work. It'd send a message."

The radio fuzzed out as her car idled at the fifth red light in a row. She punched the power button, letting silence replace the static. Getting a new antennae was too far down on the priority list to even think about, as was paying someone to dig the broken CD out of the useless piece of junk in the middle of the dashboard. She'd had to give up on things like non-essential car repairs and cigarettes and living in a neighborhood where people didn't steal your car antennae when she'd walked out on her ex two months ago.

"Would it negate the bad luck thing though? Or just make everything worse?" Her teeth pulled on her lower lip while she worked through potential consequences. Then she laughed. "Well, I guess it probably transfers, since he's the one who ends up dead."

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