Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flash Fiction: A Gang of Geese

PROMPT/CHALLENGE SUMMARY: Write a story using 100 words or less. In the story you must use a word to describe a multitude of something. The word MUST be original: no "murder of crows" or "bevy of beauties" kind of thing.
(Source: Janet Reid's blog)

"What happened to you?"

She shrugged, feathers scattering. "I had a little trouble with a gang of geese." She winced as she patted her mangled hair.

"Um... Gander."

"What?" She had a brush in her purse. Too bad the geese had stolen it.

"Geese. They're called a gander."

"Gander." She snorted and glared at her reflection. Maybe she could wrap her scarf around her head? "I refuse to refer to a roving horde of evil birds with a cutesy word like gander."

"Gang of geese then." He turned, determinedly not looking at her head. "I'll... I'll be in my office."

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