Monday, December 16, 2013

Abstract Thoughts: This Is Not What I Signed Up For

Writings of The Muse
I should probably be using my blogging time to talk about something constructive or at least creative, but I'm going to have to take a little time here to rant instead. I'm not sure I'm really liking this plan Renee has pulled together with all the bouncing back and forth between projects. I'm the new kid on the block around here, so I don't really have the seniority to kick up a stink or anything, but I feel like the victim of some bait and switch.

You see, when I signed on as Renee's new Muse, I was told all about how she likes to work on more than one project at a time. But I understood that to mean she liked to be writing one thing and editing something else. I'd be sharing the workload with the Inner Editor. And for a while it worked out. I mean, we didn't have anything to revise yet, but we were writing one story and the Inner Editor was helping with the plotting and tracking stuff.

But now we're not doing that. We're working on two completely different projects now. I mean, sure, Renee is only working on Familiar, but it's not like Guardian just went away. I've still got to keep those characters occupied in the background. Otherwise they might wander off and try to insert themselves into another story entirely.

So I've got two completely different sets of characters and plots to keep track of, not to mention all the subplots and settings and magic systems. And with the plotting on both of them done, there's nothing the Inner Editor can help me with.

Renee doesn't see there being any problem with this. The Idea Salesman is all "suck it up, sweetheart". And I swear I overheard the Inner Editor talking to someone about plane tickets and the Caribbean the other day, and then she went out and bought new luggage. I think she'd planning on running out on me.

Leaving me to keep Familiar chugging along and keep Guardian from drifting off too far as well. I know I'm intangible and all, but that doesn't me I can actually be in two places at once.

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