Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Abstract Thoughts: What Are You Looking At?

Brilliance from Idea Salesman
This has been an interesting year for the blog. Early on, Renee was... well to say "not posting very often" would be a bit like saying Renee's beloved Vikings didn't win very often this season, so we'll just go with posting infrequently. Renee was posting infrequently.

Now she posts something there three times a week, on something resembling a regular schedule! At least, she does that most weeks. Some weeks there just ain't enough gas in the tank.

And people keep coming here to read those somethings. 1,763 hits on the blog on 2013!

Okay, fine, yes, most of those hits are from various weirdo internet bots, but I'm pretty sure at least a few of them were real people.

So what brought you all here? I'd love to say it's my sparkling personality and motivational football metaphors, but the numbers, disappointingly, disagree. Here are the top five posts from 2013:

(Housekeeping tip for the undercaffeinated: There are two #4s, instead of a #4 and #5, because the last two on the list were actually tied.)

4. Flash Fiction: 200 Words at a Time, Part Two For the second round of a collaborative flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig's blog, Renee added 200 words to a tale of a boy who really doesn't want to be holding up a flag pole while some crazy lady yaps about beans. Renee decided to that charming coming-of-age tale needed an explosion and fire, because she does that.

4. Do You NaNoWriMo? A post in which Renee gave out random bits of advice regarding National Novel Writing Month. She didn't light anything on fire in this post--at least not that I remember--but she did put a spiffy Game of Thrones meme at the top.

3. My Influences: Tad Williams Renee did her squealing fangirl thing, this time with regard to Tad Williams and told a rambly little story about how she found her way into the speculative fiction section of the bookstore.

2. Flash Fiction: 200 Words at a Time, Part One In the first round of that collaborative flash fiction thing I was talking about earlier, Renee started a story about a woman contemplating killing her ex with a broken mirror. Strangely, this post got a bunch of hits but no one actually picked the story up for the challenge. Damn bots; nothing but a bunch of lazy punks.

And the #1 most popular post on Renee's blog in 2013 was...

Drumroll please!

I'm not hearing any drumming out there.

Oh, you can do better than that. Come on, who doesn't love a good drumroll? Let's try that again, with a little more enthusiasm!


Close enough.

1. Flash Fiction: 200 Words at a Time, Part Three Damn, that collaborative flash fiction thing was apparently quite the milkshake this year. This story actually made it through all five rounds. And what was Renee's contribution to it? She wrote 200 words about a girl getting ready to blow something up. Should we be concerned at all about this? It seems like she might have an unhealthy obsession with explosions and fire...

So I guess you guys really like it when Renee blathers on about flash fiction, NaNoWriMo, and fangirly squealing. Or possibly just fire and explosions.

Happy New Year, folks!

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