Monday, February 10, 2014

Abstract Thoughts: I Think the End Zone is in the Bathroom Now

Brilliance from Idea Salesman
Renee is a compulsive planner. She plans everything. There are half a dozen spreadsheets that she uses every single day, which is a little weird for someone who doesn't work in administration or data analysis or something. And Renee is the only person I know who has eleven separate calendars set up for herself in Google Calendar.

(Okay, so she's the only person I know, period, since I'm a made up voice living inside her head. Not the point.)

Unfortunately, she completely sucks at actually sticking with those plans.

I don't know if it's second guessing or an attention deficit thing or something that should probably be discussed with a shrink, but you can pretty much bank on the fact that if Renee sets out a plan for how something is going to work, that's exactly how it's not going to work. Oh, it'll work that way for a little while, sure. Until she comes up with a "better" idea and has to sit down and plan the whole damn thing out all over again.

Maybe she just likes making plans so much that she deliberately makes bad ones so she gets to make a new revised plan tomorrow? She does have just the right amount crazy-like-a-fox in her for something like that.

Whatever. The point is we have a new plan. Again.

Here's how this works: First there was getting up early every day to write. Because you *must*.

That plan quickly changed to getting up early to write only five days a week, because writing every day just didn't happen anyway and getting behind on the goals every single week was demoralizing. Yay for realistic goal setting!

NaNoWriMo came back around and she decided to start getting up earlier to write even more. Because that progress bar demanded blood.

That lasted approximately three weeks until we went back to getting up early but not too early. Because sleep is good.

Memory loss is a common side effect of fatigue. It didn't take long before she was back to getting up too early, but this time to exercise before we wrote. Sleep is nice, after all, going without it isn't too hard (riiiiiiiight) and physical fitness is important too.

Somewhere in there we also started splitting off writing days for the sake of blogging days. That one might have been my fault. I was the one pushing to expand the blog after all. And all these posts don't just write themselves unfortunately.

And then we moved blogging and exercising to a later time slot and went back to just writing five days a week. Because sleep is good. And apparently so are priorities.

Oh, and did I mention she wants to move her desk to a completely different part of the freaking house now too???

Sheesh, how is a guy supposed to keep track of field position when the damn goal posts keep moving around? Last week we only wrote 1500 words, which I'm pretty sure is bad, goal-wise, but it was plenty good a month ago. So now I don't know whether I should be stomping and cheering for Renee or waving my keys at her.

It's frustrating. It's so frustrating I feel like I need a stronger word than frustrating, but finding stronger words is the Inner Editor's job and I'm so frustrated I can't even bring myself to track her down right now. I'm just... Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I give up. The plan is dead. Long live the plan.

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