Monday, March 24, 2014

Abstract Thoughts: Let's Focus on the Positive Here, People

Brilliance from the Idea Salesman
Okay, so we've been having a rough time lately. That's been covered, I think probably more than it needed to be, by the Muse and the Inner Editor.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, please. Can we at least try not turning our corner of the blog into a whining room?

But, Idea, wine pairs so well with all that cheese you insist on bringing with you.

Quiet, Muse, it's my turn to blog.

What does that even mean anyw--Hey, that is not cool! I don't pop up in your blog posts and call what you do cheesy, do I?

This is exactly what I'm talking about. Things are getting far too mean-spirited around here. No more of this sniping and complaining. Muse, I know you're tired. Inner Editor, that headache you've got building sucks. But Renee is getting discouraged.

Plus, someone--and I don't want to name any names here, because this is a safe place where we shouldn't focus on blame--someone has been slacking off tying their knots lately and the Critic keeps getting loose. Not good, people. Very not good.

We've gotten a little spoiled, I think, by how well things were going for a while there. But think back, ladies. There used to be whole weeks that would go by with no words. Heck, I remember a time just last year when Renee went a whole month without opening her WIP at all.

Times are tough and words are thin on the ground these days. We all know that. But we need to spend more time encouraging each other, and Renee, if we're going to get through this.

I'll start. Hey, did you know we netted over 1500 new words last week!?! Sure, sure, that might not sound like much, especially since the target is 5000. But it's 1500 more words than we had the week before! Go us!

Writing a novel is a marathon, not a sprint, and as long as we're still moving forward, I'll count it as a win. So the words aren't flying onto the page right now. So the WIP is fighting us at every turn. At least we're showing up every day (weekdays anyway) and poking at the darn thing.

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