Monday, March 3, 2014

Abstract Thoughts: Oops

Brilliance from Idea Salesman
Ahem. Pay no attention to the random unexplained blog absence. Nothing to see here, folks. Move it along. Return to your lives, citizens.

Actually, you know what, ignore that last bit. I probably shouldn't be shooing you back to your lives at the beginning of my blog post. No need to move along. There's plenty to see here and such. Going forward, you know. There just wasn't anything for a little while there. Because of reasons.


*forces self to stop rambling and get back to the fleurking point*

Renee and the gang have been absent from the blogosphere for the last couple of weeks because of, well, life stuff. On occasion the life stuff swells up and gets overwhelming and the blog is, sadly, the first thing to suffer in those instances.

Well, I suppose that's not entirely accurate. I'm sure Long-Suffering Husband would say that the blog is by far not the first thing to suffer. (He is the expert on suffering around here, after all.) But it's the first thing I care about, and, since this is my blog post, that's really all that matters. I don't give a hoot how long it's been since Renee cleaned the downstairs powder room or what percentage of the family's dinners come packed in Styrofoam boxes or wrapped in greasy paper.

Anyway, there was life stuff and it was overwhelming and things got a little off track. But it's all good now. Guardian is rolling right along, with couple thousand new words in the can last week, Renee's office has been moved downstairs and caged into a corner of the living room so she can work while "watching" her kids during the day, and we're back to blogging regularly and tweeting and such.

Hopefully the life stuff is safely squashed into its appropriate corner and will leave us alone for now.

So, sincere apologies, Readers, from me, Renee, and the rest of the abstract team, for letting you down these last few weeks. It'll be better going forward. We even have a new regular feature debuting this week. Look for more on that on Friday.

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