Sunday, March 16, 2014

Flash Fiction: A 50-Word Story

PROMPT/CHALLENGE SUMMARY: This week isn't really a piece of flash fiction. It's more like a writing exercise, and one which writers pretty much universally abhor. I've been working up blurbs for my current writing projects lately. Distilling an entire novel down to ~50 words is tough. Doing it in such a way that it's intriguing without being confusing is tougher. That said, it must be done, and this is what I'm using these days for my current WIP, an urban fantasy novel with the working title Guardian.

Charlie's best--only--friend is dead, but there's no evidence she can take to the cops. ("The immortal power stuck on my soul told me!" would open commitment hearings, not a murder investigation.) So she's stuck finding the killer herself--without alerting the secret organization she escaped two decades ago.

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