Monday, July 7, 2014

Abstract Thoughts: An Unexpected Research Opportunity

Writings of the Muse
As you may already know, it having been mentioned on this blog last week, Renee has recently had to take something of an unexpected leave of absence. All is well at the moment, but she did spend some time at the local emergency room a few weeks ago and last week she needed a bit of surgery.

She took her computer to the hospital with her, thinking the downtime would provide a nice opportunity to get some writing done. The painkillers had other plans and she instead spent most of her downtime sleeping.

But that doesn't mean the time was all wasted, professionally speaking. The timing was somewhat serendipitous.

You see, the victim in Guardian happens to have been a nurse. Several of her friends, and thus potential leads and witnesses the main character encounters during her investigation are also nurses and doctors. Renee and I are working on writing a number of those investigative scenes now.

And thanks to her many recent hospital hours, Renee has spent a whole bunch of time talking to a wide variety of medical professionals. Because she's a clever girl sometimes, she made an effort to rise above her introverted nature and chatted with them quite a bit about their lives.

It helped that apparently painkillers, in addition to making her sleepy, also make her quite chatty. Who knew?

We didn't plan it this way. The characters in question have all been hanging out here in Renee's imagination since long before her current medical issues developed. And I'm not saying that any of Renee's doctors and nurses will be walking onto the pages of Guardian anytime soon.

But there might be bits and pieces. A funny conversation overheard here, an interesting description there. The sights and sounds of the different parts of a hospital. The smells. That kind of thing.

Whenever people ask writers where they get their inspiration, I have to just shake my head and chuckle. Inspiration is everywhere, people. You just have to remember to look for it.

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