Monday, August 18, 2014

Abstract Thoughts: I've Heard It All Before

Brilliance of the Idea Salesman
So, we're writing a short story again, huh? And I'll be selling something shiny and fictional within the next few months, huh?

Yeah, I've heard that before.

As you know by now, Renee has started a new project. She's got this whole plan in place to write a bunch of short stories over the next year and so she started out plotting the first one. New Scrivener project, character and setting sketches, scene cards, color coding, the whole bit.

She's all giddy with excitement over this story and these characters and the way the magic works and how the character ended up investigating this murder and who her enemies are (sadly, Agent Vandekone doesn't seem to have much in the way of allies) and all that.

This pair of selkie guys who popped up in her imagination on her last plotting day, and she let the Muse run off in all kinds of less-than-appropriate directions with one of them before she realized introducing a hot new guy at the end of a short story would leave the whole thing feeling very unfinished.

The Inner Editor, like myself, is a little too eager to get her pens on something. Renee actually had to walk away from the computer the other day in order to stop her from highlighting the opening scene. She keeps muttering to herself about balancing action and introspection and visceral responses, which is fine if that's how she likes to fill her days, but if she pulls a stunt like that highlighting bit again, we're going to have to tie her up and lock her in a closet like some NaNoWriMo newbie.

And me? Well, I'm not falling for it.

No, I'm really not. I'm just sitting over here in my several-times-burned-and-now-I'm-definitely-fleurking-shy corner, not buying a word of it. Either this thing is going to fizzle out halfway through and she'll lose interest and give it up or it's going to keep getting bigger and more complicated and eventually we'll have another damn series of novels on our hands instead of one simple short story.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not moving in with the Critic or anything. I know Renee can pull this off, if she's disciplined enough. I just refuse to be Charlie Brown thinking Lucy is going to hold that football still for me again. Maybe if Renee can finish the zero draft and keep the Inner Editor's highlighters away from it long enough for the Muse to untangle herself from the text, I'll start to hope and research some sales avenues.

But for now, cautiously watchful is all I can promise.

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