Monday, August 25, 2014

Project Management Updates: Green is a Much Prettier Color

Reports from the Project Manager
Hello Blog World--time for another update from the Project Manager and this time I have far better news to share. When last we spoke, I was new to the job and trying to clean up the mess Renee was calling Guardian. There were essentially two options:
  1. Change the physical laws of space and time to enable the project to get back on track, or
  2. Clear away the mess for a little while and let something else come in.
Renee and I came to the mutual decision that Option B was the better route to take. It was right around this time that Renee also needed to take time off for her surgery so we were on the fast track to more delays if we tried to stick with it. Thus Guardian went in a drawer and the blog went on hiatus while she recovered and we developed a new plan of attack. That new plan (which Renee discussed two weeks ago) involves practicing the process from start to finish in short bursts with a few short stories. Here is our first one.

Do you see all that green? I love green. Renee successfully converted one of her earlier flash fictions to a short story (working title is "Fishwife") and completed the zero draft. Also of note was that we successfully found a way to quantify her plotting activities so that I can have a meaningful report of progress during that phase of the writing process. We're now going to build on this short term success and reboot Guardian from the beginning. Wish us luck. . .

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