Monday, September 22, 2014

Project Management Updates: Nothing to See Here

Reports from the Project Manager
As a project manager, my main job is to ensure we focus on the delivery of the selected project by the desired deadline. I don't care who had surgery, I don't care who had a birthday party, yada, yada, yada. Okay, so I am not a heartless, soulless bastard, but I do play one on the internet some times.

The reality is that we have had a lot going on in Renee world. Surgery, her daughter's birthday party, holidays, a vacation, the start of the school year, a cold for everyone in the house, etc, etc, etc. With all the comings and goings and such, we don't have a whole lot of measureable progress to show for ourselves over the last two and a half months. Yes, I know we finished that short story, but I already gave credit for that. This life is all about "What have you done for me lately?" and the answer there is "not much".

All that to say this: we're still plotting the rewrite of Guardian and will probably finish up in the next week or so. The interruptions of real life caused a really great conversation Renee and I had about realistic timeline planning and allocation of resources. We just built out a plan where she can truthfully devote 32 weeks per year to writing and the other 20 weeks are going to get taken up by all that other stuff she has going on.

As the project manager, this is a really good thing. As I build timelines and estimates, I need to know the availability of my resources. For this set of projects, Renee is the main resource and she is only available 32 weeks of the year. Now that we know this, we can create an achievable project plan and stick to it. So dear reader, I have nothing to show you this round, but I think we are putting this train back on the tracks and the next few posts will be exciting indeed!

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