Monday, January 19, 2015

Abstract Thoughts: New Project!

Writings of the Muse
We're starting a new project! ***squee***

Starting a new project is so exciting. There's all this energy and Renee lets me run around unchecked in her imagination. I get access to everything--childhood dreams, overheard conversations, random song lyrics, everything.

Starting a new project is also when Renee turns all kinds of confident and productive. There's no "we were supposed to write tonight but we just sat on the couch and played games on the phone instead" or "we were supposed to write 2000 words today but we can't get past this broken plot point and instead we only managed to scrape up 3" bullshit.

We will write this thing and it will be glorious.

Well, it will be workable. (The Inner Editor needs something to do later, after all.)

And it will be on time. (The Project Manager really likes it when we focus on hitting deadlines.)

And when we're done, we will sell it to. . . someone. (Three guesses who threw that one in there.)

So, we're starting a new project. We're all very energized. We will write it and it will be gloriously workable and on time and marketable. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some old memory chests to rummage through.

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