Friday, January 9, 2015

Abstract Thoughts: We Did It!!!

(Housekeeping note: This post was meant to go live on Monday, but we ran into a little technical difficulty on that front. There's big, important stuff in this post though, so we're putting it up now. Because this is our sandbox and we can build whatever kind of crazy castle we want to over here. Just pretend you're time traveling and it's Monday again for a few minutes. Because if time travel were a thing, I know we'd all pick a Monday to relive. . . )

(Also, I don't know that I believe the whole thing about Renee deleting my post instead of publishing it. She says she "must have hit the wrong button", and now suddenly, since she had a couple of extra days to think about it, the Inner Editor is chiming in with criticisms of my font choices. Whatever. I'm not buying it, ladies, and I'm not changing it. My blog post, my caps lock.)

Brilliance from the Idea Salesman
 Welcome to 2015 and welcome back to the blog! I know you've all missed us terribly, but we're back now, so worry no more. Renee will be officially back from her blogging hiatus on Wednesday, but I wanted to take the opportunity to open things back up with a big announcement.

WE DID IT!!!!!

*** throws confetti ***

*** cues band ***

*** drops balloons ***

*** schedules parade ***

*** cancels parade due to the fact that most of us are imaginary here and that means there's not enough real people around to carry all those giant balloons ***

I can just hear you all now. "Wow, Idea, Renee finished the zero draft of Guardian? That's wonderful!"

Yup. That's right. We--

No. No, we didn't do that. Actually, the Project Manager declared that particular project dead and we had put it away in the digital drawer. Man, way to kill my buzz y'all.

But, wait! Don't go! We did something even better! You may have seen this announcement already over on Twitter, but in case you didn't. . .


That's right, folks. I have finally proven my worth as one of Renee's abstracts. With my help, Renee has convinced the good folks over at Fireside Magazine to invest their time and money in publishing a piece of Renee's writing. Which is a little surreal for Renee because she reads Fireside on her own and now she's going to be in it.

(By the way, Fireside is very cool and you should start reading it if you don't already. And not just because they're going to publish Renee. The writing is always top notch. Plus Lilith Saintcrow--Renee might have mentioned being a fan of hers once or twice or a million times before--is doing their serial this year and it's awesome.)

(And yes, it did cause a rather impressive level of wholly unprofessional fangirl squeeing when Renee realized that it's entirely possible that this publication thing might mean her writing ends up in the same magazine as something by Lilith Saintcrow.)

Anyway, back to me. Check out this little snippet from Fireside's blog last month.

Wasn't it cool of them to draw attention to Renee's name with those massive red arrows and stuff?

Okay, fine, I added that part. But that's still a cool blog post. 10 submissions accepted out of 671 and Renee's was one of them. Because I am a pretty damn spectacular Idea Salesman Renee rocks.

If you look to the sidebar on the right side of this page, you'll see we've added a new widget box thing called "Upcoming Releases". Because Renee is officially a professional writer now and she has an upcoming release.

In terms of details, we don't know which issue yet, but as soon as I know, you'll know. We do expect edits sometime in the next few weeks or so and I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled the Inner Editor is about that. I swear if those crazy pencil skirts and sensible shoes didn't pretty much rule out the whole possibility, the woman would be turning cartwheels just thinking about it.

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