Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Management Updates: New Year and New Beginnings

Reports from the Project Manager
Happy New Year! We're gearing up the writing machine for new projects for 2015. I'm particularly excited about this because I can finally begin at the beginning instead of coming in on clean up detail. Setting the right elements in place at the beginning is crucial to producing a successful outcome.

Renee tends to like the charts we have built together to visually demonstrate her prior failures projects. In truth, they were helpful in demonstrating one of the key reason projects fail--lack of resource availability. We have already built out a simple Gantt chart for the year to show how long it actually takes to product a novel or short story from beginning to end. Now we will get to put the model to the test.

There will still be fun charts and diagrams coming in the year ahead. From Renee's goal post last week, you can see that we are focused on a higher number of shorter projects this year. More projects = more charts :-)

That's all for now from Project Manager land. Check back for updates as we get moving.

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