Monday, February 9, 2015

Project Management Updates: Lines, Damn Lines, and Statistics

Reports from the Project Manager

Renee's 2015 plan of working multiple smaller projects to completion is causing some additional work over here in Project Management Land, but it's all good. In order to track and lay out this year's work plan, I needed to come up with new dashboards which visually articulate all the different phases of a project.

  • Plotting
  • Writing
  • First Revisions
  • Second Revisions
  • Querying
The Inner Editor was particularly excited about my quantification of her work. From my point of view, if the work we are doing doesn't have measureable goals and a way to track to those measurements, we're really just wasting time.

Have you met Renee? She never wastes time.

So a whole new set of charts, tables, and graphs has emerged to help us keep track of the different phases of the project--we've even color coded each phase. This one is Renee's favorite:

With this one, we have an overall view of project status for each phase. In terms of time remaining versus required time remaining based on trended pace. I've also built in a forecasting tool so we can look forward when appropriate as well. The slopes are pretty sharp on this one since "Fishwife" is a short story; that will change when we apply the model to her next full-length novel. Overall, this one is going pretty well so far. I would never hear the end of it if I didn't post our current high level dashboard with all that green!

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