Monday, March 23, 2015

Abstract Thoughts: Looking Forward to Warm Sun and White Sands

Wisdom of an Inner Editor

The first draft of "Blood" is officially complete. Renee sent it off to her beta readers the other day and now we don't have to think about the thing for at least a month. Probably two.

This story was brutal. It just did not want to come together at all. For such a small story, not even 5000 words, revisions took every ounce of brainpower Renee could muster. And the process ran several weeks longer than originally planned.

The Project Manager was not pleased about that. I'm sure he'll be delighted to share his crazy charts and graphs with you when his turn to blog rolls around.

Actually, no one was pleased. The Muse wanted to get back to writing. The Idea Salesman is getting bored waiting for another project to cross the finish line so he can play with it. Even the Critic ran out of snarky commentary eventually and then she just sat in the corner and sulked. And I certainly don't enjoy getting rattled around while Renee banged her head on the wall.

Some projects are just like that.

Renee is still trying to think up a proper title for it, by the way. I think "I Hate You I Hate You Why Won't You Die" has a nice ring to it.

Or, I would. If I were the type of abstract given to hating things.

Moving on. Renee and the Muse are pairing up this week to bang out the zero draft on another short story--tentatively titled "Sea Dog"--and then Renee and her family are vacationing, so I'm off for a nice, long, well-deserved rest.

Thank heavens for spring break!

There's snow on the ground here in Chicagoland today; spending a few weeks imagining a beach in the Caribbean sounds lovely. By the time I'm due for my next go at the blog, it'll be time to talk about second round revisions on "Fishwife".

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