Monday, April 20, 2015

Abstract Thoughts: A Good Week

Wisdom of an Inner Editor

Last week Renee began the second round of revisions on "Fishwife" and finally allowed us all to see the notes she got back from her beta readers. I will confess I was more than a bit curious to see what they had to say about my Renee's work.

Overall the feedback was quite positive. There were a number of things the beta readers liked about the story. The world building came across as solid and the action flowed very well. The violence was well presented without being too graphic. All in all, Renee seems to have acquitted herself nicely.

Of course, there was that pesky problem of no one being able to see the characters. And there were some hiccups in the logistics when it came to the police procedural aspects, which wasn't surprising given Renee has never written this type of story before.

But, as I said, overall things were good. One or two big changes to make and then a few minor corrections. We got through all of them this week with very minimal trouble and the story is looking better than ever. Our main character still isn't quite as visible as Renee would like, but I think we've got to make allowances there for the format. There's only so much detail you can cram into a short story.

I confess I'm a bit proud of what we've accomplished here. Or I would be, were I an abstract given to pride.

For the most part Renee is quite proud of herself too. There was a moment of panic when she first went through the notes. Everyone liked the story, sure, but what if they're all wrong? No, no, they're smart readers; they can't all be wrong. But what if they're just being nice and it really sucks?

Yes, Renee, all the beta readers you chose, people you know to be smart and well-read and whom you trust to give professional, constructive feedback, all chose to pat you on the head and humor you. [INSERT PUT UPON SIGH HERE] Writers are impossible.

Thankfully, she got over that ridiculous notion and is now well on her way to feeling confident enough to try to sell it. I guess I'd better get this story polished and shiny so the Idea Salesman has something worthwhile to play with next week.

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