Monday, April 13, 2015

Abstract Thoughts: So Much for My Turn

Writings of the Muse

Renee had a lovely week last week. Long-Suffering Husband took some vacation time and they spent the whole of Passover together with their kids, relaxing and playing and generally enjoying each other's company. Everyone got a good bit of much-needed rest and neither of them thought about work too much.

I say not too much, because Renee did manage to have one epiphany in the midst of all that R&R. She's not going to write "Sea Dog".

Wait. What?

But we just spent a whole week plotting it out and filling out all those character sheets and setting sketches and gearing up for the emotional upheaval of the opening scene. We even made a really bad book cover to go with the Kindle file for when the Inner Editor reads through it later.

We. . . we have to write "Sea Dog". I wrote out all these notes. And bought candy. I even prepared motivational speeches!

Alas, apparently Renee came to the conclusion at some point during the vacation that "Sea Dog", which is an earlier story in the "Fishwife" universe, was a story that just didn't need to be told. We get the gist of it in a character interaction in "Fishwife" and expanding that into a whole short story would probably just screw it up. It's better as backstory than an actual story.

The Inner Editor agreed with Renee's assessment. The Idea Salesman was just happy to hear we wouldn't be doing a prequel short story to another short story, because how the heck would he go about selling that? Even the Project Manager went along with the idea, and he hates shelving a project once he's gone to all the trouble of creating a dashboard and a timeline for it.

So I guess I'm outvoted.

Renee is moving on to the second round of revisions on "Fishwife" instead. She's gotten all her beta readers' notes collected and collated and tonight she and the Inner Editor are diving right in. If all goes according to plan, they should be done with it and ready for the Idea Salesman to send it out into the world by the end of the month.

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