Monday, April 6, 2015

Project Management Updates: On the Project Roller Coaster

Reports from the
Project Manager
We're up. We're down. We're up again. Now we're upside down! That's the best way I can describe life over here in Project Management Land right now.

We did well with "Fishwife". Then "Blood" came and flipped us for the mother of all loops.

See all those flat lines on the right? That's a fairly appropriate visualization of when we flat-lined on "Blood". Missed deadlines, extensions, missed revised deadlines. All things to remove what little sanity a project manager really has. I think we revised the project planning calendar almost as much as the Inner Editor was revising the story while getting through this one!

But "Blood" is now behind us and we have kicked off "Sea Dog". We're not off to a great start as you can see. Already a hue of yellow on the dashboard.

Renee is on vacation this week. If she sticks to the vacation plan, we're in some trouble. If she sneaks in some working time, we may get this one back to green and coast smoothly into the station at the end of this joy ride.

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