Monday, May 11, 2015

Abstract Thoughts: Making Our Debut

Brilliance from
the Idea Salesman

If you caught Renee's Twitter feed today or happened to be anywhere in the greater Chicagoland area, you probably noticed her shouting like a mad fool about being published. But just in case you didn't notice, it is official. With the release of Issue 23 of Fireside, Renee Elizabeths is now a published author.

Mission accomplished! Milestone reached! Achievement unlocked!

Illustration by Galen Dara
"Time Out", Flash Fiction
Available now in Fireside, Issue 23

Isn't it beautiful? I think it's beautiful.

So please go over to Fireside and enjoy Renee's creepy little piece of flash fiction, "Time Out". And you should probably check out the rest of the stories in this month's issue while you're there. They're all really good.

No, really, go. I'll wait.

. . .

. . .

Waiting is hard.

. . .

*sneaks off to steal the last slice of celebratory chocolate cheesecake*

*endures glare from IE, because apparently she was saving that last slice for breakfast tomorrow*

Oh well. It was delicious. I regret nothing.

Oh, hey, you're back. Thanks for reading. We hope you liked it!

And, if you're financially able and feeling so inclined, think about buying the ebook, subscribing, becoming a patron, or just providing general support. It's money well spent. Fireside is awesome. And not just because they published Renee, though that is certainly a mark in their favor. Renee is a subscriber and looks forward to the new issue every month. It never disappoints.

Now, chocolate cheesecake for everyone!

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