Monday, May 18, 2015

Abstract Thoughts: Up, Down, and All Around

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Idea Salesman

Whew! Last week was one big crazy roller coaster ride for Renee and me.

We started out of the gate with a screaming wild rush: getting published! We talked about that last week, so I'm not going to go into it again, but in case you haven't made it over to Fireside to read "Time Out", well, what are you waiting for?

Next we had some loop-the-loops. Remember how a couple of weeks ago, Renee finished up her edits on "Fishwife" and sent it out on submission? Yeah, we've been going around and around with that one. We sent it out, we waited, it got rejected. Excitement, anxiety, dejection. We sent it out again, we waited again, it got rejected again. Excitement, anxiety, dejection. This is the way these things go. It can take a while to find the right home for a project.

Knowing that doesn't make it flip Renee's stomach around any less.

Still, we sent it out again and now we're waiting again. Maybe this will be the round where we get out of the loops and head up the next incline instead. Weeee!

And underneath all that chaos, the tracks of regular life just kept right on rumbling along. Notes for a CP, revisions of "Blood", early percolating on the next project. Plus, there was the usual drama with the kids and stuff, and Renee got sick.

Not, like, I-shouldn't-have-eaten-all-those-hot-dogs-before-getting-on-this-rollercoaster metaphorical sick. A real actual cold that had all of us abstracts floating around in biohazard suits because we live in her brain, which is right in that first five rows mucus splash zone.

Good times.

We did get to finish out the week with one more fun little slide. With the publication of "Time Out", Renee now gets to have one of those spiffy little "Goodreads Author" logos on her profile. Maybe I can talk her into getting a real author photo now. . .

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