Monday, May 4, 2015

Project Management Updates: My Work Here is Done

Reports from the
Project Manager

Alrighty, "Fishwife" is across the goal line and out in the world! All that remains is for an editor/publisher to recognize the collective genius of Renee and her imaginary friends and put it in print.

"Fishwife" represents the first project that has been managed by yours truly from start to end. We had a few bumps along the way, especially as the Muse and Inner Editor got used to having goals, deadlines, and tracking mechanisms, but I think we have a sold product out there. Now it's the Idea Salesman's turn to earn his keep.

Although my work on "Fishwife" is completed, I am closely monitoring the query process; I don't like working for free after all. I'm also going to get these cats ready for our next parade, final revisions of "Blood". This one will be a little tougher, if it holds true to form from the other steps of the process. Wish us luck!

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