Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Project Management Updates: Righting the Sinking Ship

Reports from the
Project Manager

I'm noticing that a high number of my updates have to do with moving vehicles--trains, roller coasters, and now boats. Here is what Renee's projects looked like when she hired me on as the Project Manager:

Renee's main problem was the inability to plan, structure, and focus her effort on finishing a story. We embarked together on a journey to crank out a high number of short stories and flash fictions in a short period of time in order to focus on the process.

Now, we look a little more like this:

That's not to say all is happy-go-lucky-hunky-dory-wahoo-yippee-skippy over here in project management land. I missed my last blog because we were deeply involved one of the stories that Renee now has out on submission, "Blood". I could say, I "missed" the blog, or more appropriately, I ran like hell and avoided blogging about that train wreck of a story. (There I go with the moving vehicles again.)

Let's take a look at this one:

See those horrible flats, jumps, and squiggles? That was Renee and I wrestling hard through the revision phases of this one. I'm not sure who won, but the battle is done.

No rest for the wicked (here's looking at you, Muse). We have two projects on the board right now. "Death" is done with the zero draft, and "Dates" is going to be plotted this week. I'll save dashboards on those two until my next update since I am officially classifying both as "Too Early to Tell".

Until next time. . .

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