Monday, February 1, 2016

Patronize Me!

I have officially launched my Patreon page! Go check it out. I want to start doing more on the learning and networking side of things and I've worked out some fun--at least I think they're fun--rewards in exchange for financial support. If you've enjoyed this blog or my Twitter in the past, please consider supporting the Patreon.

I'm running a special, by the way, for the launch month. Everyone who signs up in February to be one of my Patrons, regardless of which reward level they choose, will be getting a free short story from me! Yay for free stories to read!

I'll be keeping my Patrons up to day on everything I'm writing and everything I'm learning and I really hope to create a good community there. My top Patrons will also be getting behind-the-scenes stuff, like excerpts from my current projects or deleted scenes. And the abstracts are thrilled, by the way, because they have have their own comic strip that will appear on the Patreon page three times a week for everyone who pledges $3/month or more.

(Well, the Idea Salesman is thrilled. The Muse and the Inner Editor are okay with it but neither of them is turning cartwheels or anything. I suspect the Project Manager (aka Long-Suffering Husband) hasn't yet realized this means he will be featured on occasion.)

And don't worry; that crap little comic I stuck in my last post was just the beginning. I've been practicing a lot since then and my stick figures are much better. They're still stick figures, sure, but I've decided that's just my style of drawing. Which has nothing to do with the fact that I can't seem to draw hands no matter how hard I try.

Or feet.

Or shoulders, for some reason.

Or bodies, really, at all.

Come on, stick figures are great. Who doesn't love a good stick figure?

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