About Us

Renee Elizabeths
Renee Elizabeths writes fantasy, romance, and horror, which means she spends a lot of time playing with magic, toying with affections, and ruining the lives of her imaginary friends.

The Muse
The Muse is, obviously, a muse, currently in the employ of one Renee Elizabeths. She spends her days waiting for the children to fall asleep, then grabbing inspiration and creativity by the throat and forcing them through a brain fogged over by not enough sleep and too much coffee.

The Inner Editor
The Inner Editor sends her regrets. She doesn't have time to write a bio. She has pages to revise.

The Idea Salesman
Let the creative types handle the artsy stuff. The Idea Salesman is here to run the business side of Renee's career. And to drive the Hot Librarian Chick nuts. Because, you know, he can.

The Project Manager
A project manager is "the one responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives." Put another way, the Project Manager tries to keep this crazy train on the tracks. Renee's Long-Suffering Husband is currently cursed with this responsibility filling this role.